Monday, July 29, 2013

Lasting images

World Youth Day has ended, but its effects on the Church will linger. Check out these beautiful images collected on Buzzfeed:

Pope Francis at World Youth Day
mage by STEFANO RELLANDINI / Getty Images
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  On the OSV Daily Take blog, correspondent Stephen Lenahan writes:
The closing Mass on Sunday morning with Pope Francis was even more moving and more emotional than anything else that has taken place this week. We were witness to all nations coming together to become disciples. The Kyrie and then the Gloria resounding across the shore of Copacabana beach felt like some epic moment from Sacred Scripture.
We were on a balcony again above the crowd, and it was an incredible experience from up there. Ryan O'Connell, our videographer pilgrim, said, "I feel like we are getting to see what God sees; we are seeing what it looks like when the Church worships him." I could not agree more with Ryan. To hear more than 3 million people sing the Alleluia is enough to make a grown man move to tears — though I will not confirm or deny if it did. Click here to read the entire post.

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