Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fortnight 4 Freedom needs you!

It's here, it's now: The U.S. bishops’ second Fortnight for Freedom continues from June 21 to July 4.
Fortnight for Freedom is a two-week period meant to unite the Church in the U.S. in prayer, fasting and catechesis in order to raise awareness of the growing threats against religious liberty, especially the Aug. 1 deadline to comply with the HHS mandate.
During this time, we encourage you to stand up for religious freedom by doing the following:

1) Fast and pray! Take the next two weeks to answer the bishops’ call to prayer and penance. You can simply use the prayer on this page, or you can download the Litany for Liberty from the bishops.
2) Read! Whether Pope Paul VI’s Dignitatis Humanae (“Declaration on Religious Freedom”), information from our Religious Liberty section or helpful fact sheets from the U.S. bishops, take time to learn more about religious freedom.
3) Evangelize! Engage others in the Fortnight for Freedom. Talk about religious liberty with your family, parish Bible study and friends.
4) Be social! As you’re reading, praying and discussing, tweet your thoughts using the hashtag #Fortnight4Freedom. Share with others how you are participating in the Fortnight for Freedom. Encourage conversation and others to join you. Make a commitment to tweet or post on Facebook about religious liberty at least once a day between June 21 and July 4.
5) Connect! Text FREEDOM to 377377 to receive updates from the U.S. bishops about the Fortnight for Freedom.
6) Speak up! Write your elected officials, and let them know you support religious freedom.
As Pope Paul VI wrote, “the right to religious freedom has its foundation in the very dignity of the human person.” During this Fortnight for Freedom, let’s make our voices heard and stand up for religious freedom. Visit for more information.

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