Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pope Francis: An in-depth look

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In the May 5, 2013, issue of OSV Newsweekly, you'll find a special 16-page section devoted to helping readers get to know Pope Francis.

Ever since he stepped out onto the balcony of St. Peter's and uttered the words "buona sera" on the evening of his March 13 election, he's been a source of fascination and specualation for Catholics and non-Catholics around the world.

The special section includes:

'A look at Pope Francis' first six weeks as pontiff' by editor Gretchen Crowe:
Pope Francis takes center stage this week in a 16-page special section (Pages 9-24) devoted to the actions of our new pontiff during the first six weeks of his Petrine ministry — and how his pontificate likely will shape the future of the Church. Consider it something akin to a “First 100 days” (or “First 42 days”) look at Francis’ emphases thus far, and how those foci are likely to influence his time as successor of Peter. Read her column here.

'Three pontiffs in continuity' by Austen Ivereigh:
The primary task of a pope is to represent Christ on earth, and attract the world to the Lord. Who a pope is, what he says and does and how he relates to the world — all these speak (or fail to speak) of Christ. His office is the mission; and while great grace attaches to it — people who knew Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio in Buenos Aires are astonished at the extraordinary joy and energy that the 76-year-old pope now exudes — the papacy also reflects the man who occupies it, with his strengths and weaknesses, his experiences and gifts. Read the entire article here.
Pope Francis: Agent of change or continuity?' by Elizabeth Scalia:
When Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger appeared on the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica in 2005, announced as Pope Benedict XVI and wearing (as did his predecessor) the red mozzetta, it was a difficult moment for many so-called Catholic “progressives.” While those familiar with Cardinal Ratzinger through his writings and interviews cheered, these Catholics — convinced that the former head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith was a “Rottweiler” intent on vacating the very reforms of the Second Vatican Council that he had helped to write — were appalled. Read the entire article here.
'The butterfly effect of Pope Francis' by Bill McGarvey:
Pope Francis’ actions — eschewing the gold pectoral cross, living in a Vatican guesthouse rather than the papal apartments, and washing the feet of women on Holy Thursday — hardly qualify as grand papal pronouncements. In fact, they aren’t pronouncements at all; they are, at their core, incredibly simple acts. And yet they’ve spoken volumes to billions of Catholics and non-Catholics alike.' Read the entire article here.
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