Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rome news round-up

Fr. Federico Lombardi, Vatican spokesman
(CNS Photo/Paul Haring)
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From Vatican Radio: 'With all electors present still no date for Conclave':
 The very first issue on Fr. Federico Lombardi's agenda Thursday during his daily briefing with international press was to once again reiterate that no date has yet been set for Conclave. He noted that news reports of St Peter's Basilica having been booked Monday afternoon next at 5pm, for a Mass for the election of the Roman Pontiff are unfounded. Fr. Lomabrdi point out to press that the Miss pro elegendo pontifice can be celebrated by any priest during the interregnum, or Vacant See, as part of the Universal Churches call to prayer during this period. Read here.
Sister Mary Ann Walsh, media relations director for the USCCB, writes, 'No More Cardinal Interviews':
 An exciting day started with La Stampa, an Italian daily, running a story that violated the confidentiality of the General Congregation. It named names and reported who said what. I heard cardinals were upset, and one even stopped the bus to the Synod Hall at a newsstand to buy a copy of La Stampa. We steeled ourselves for the inevitable: a shut down of interviews. It happened in 2005 too. Read here.
Cardinal Timothy Dolan writes from Rome: 'Asking St. Joseph to Help Us Prepare for a New Pope':
It seems so providential that we would meet here in Rome for this extraordinarily significant event during Lent.
These forty days are a sacred occasion of recalling the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus – the Paschal Mystery – uniting ourselves to the death of Jesus by dying to sin, through prayer, sacrifice, and acts of charity, so that we might rise with Him to life at Easter. Read here.
 From Francis X. Rocca of Catholic News Service, 'Like it or not, the Vatican has entered the digital age':
As soon as Father Lombardi began taking questions, one of our colleagues, Philip Pullella of Reuters, asked if the cancellation had been requested by the Vatican or discussed by the assembled cardinals at their meeting that morning.
Father Lombardi, who had not mentioned the matter in his presentation, was obviously prepared for the question, which he answered with a careful explanation of the need for increasing levels of privacy as a conclave draws nearer. But he did not specify whether a new policy had been established, or if so by whom. Read here.

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